My wife and I have been with Jay Pink Law and now MeyerPink for the last 4 years. Jay Pink is incredible, intelligent, and easy to do business with. His personality and caring heart is all about the person(s) he is sitting across from. Jay has made my life and future for my family a blessing moving forward. Thank you Jay, and to your entire staff, for all the professionalism and expertise surrounding my families Living trust.
Russell Bianchi
We have had a really good experience with Meyer Pink. Brandon has always taken the time to explain complicated terms and concepts so that a lay person can understand. They have always responded promptly and reached out when they thought we needed guidance. I feel like they have our best interest in mind in all situations.
Marta Magistrali
Jay has been extremely easy to work with. He has answered all my questions regarding our Living Trust, and put my mind at ease when it comes to ensuring my family will be taken care of. Thank you, Jay.
Whitney Ryan
Programmer, Kenlid Enterprise
Jay is the easiest lawyer to deal with. He gets your needs and respond to it very efficiently. We certainly feel lucky to have found him.
Jeannine Hebel
Brandon and their law team are amazing, fast and reliable in handling cases big or small. Caring staff and professional support all throughout your law needs journey! Thank you!
Randy Baham​
Jay Pink assisted with the paperwork for my mom's house to make sure everything is in order should anything happen to her. He has been available to answer all my questions and gives me the confidence that everything is taken care of.
Nathan Knight
Brandon Meyer helped us put together our living trust and all the documents that are part of having a trust. Brandon did a spectacular job. My wife and I are very pleased with the documents prepared, the explanation of the documents and the speed the work was completed. I became familiar with implementing a trust that was less than thorough when implementing my mother's trust, written by another firm in Carlsbad. MyerPink's price was reasonable. About 1/2 the price we were quoted by a firm in Sacramento.
Jeff Fountain​
JPink Law was friendly and easy to speak with. They simplify what can be complex terms for some. They are trustworthy and a pleasure to work with. I strongly recommend them!
Sergio Lara
Wonderful experience, felt I received honest and genuine advice. They were extremely helpful and I highly recommend!
Adriana Matern

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