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Forming a Professional Corporation in California

Ever considered an entity that empowers licensed professionals to offer their services via a corporation while safeguarding their personal assets? Introducing the Professional Corporation, fondly termed as ‘Pro Corp’.

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Why Choose a Professional Corporation?

Benefits Operating a Pro Corp is akin to savoring a delectable dessert; it lets you enjoy protection against certain liabilities, tax perks, and an added prestige factor.

Considerations However, be prepared to face certain complexities. Setting up a Pro Corp requires adherence to specific prerequisites, and not all professions can jump onboard.

The Steps to Forming a Pro Corp in California
  1. Eligibility Criteria
    Only specific professions like doctors, accountants, and architects can step into the Pro Corp arena in California.

  2. Naming Your Corporation
    Choose a name that’s not just catchy but also aligns with the state’s naming guidelines.

  3. Drafting and Filing Articles of Incorporation
    This document, filed with the California Secretary of State, is the backbone of your corporation.

  4. Appointing Initial Directors
    Every Pro Corp necessitates a governing board of directors.

  5. Creating Bylaws
    Set the internal regulations that steer your corporation.

  6. Share Issuance
    Decide the equity distribution amongst stakeholders.

  7. State-Specific Requirements and Compliance

    • Professional Licensing
      Just as superheroes need their gear, professionals require a license.
    • Annual Reporting
      A yearly dossier depicting your corporation’s performance is vital.
    • Maintaining Good Standing
      Ensure all protocols and regulations are met to avoid unwanted hitches.
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Tips and Tricks for a Successful Corporation
  • Seek expert advice when in two minds.

  • Maintain immaculate records as they’re your safety buoy.

  • Network and liaise with other Pro Corps to widen your horizon.


Taking the Pro Corp plunge in California can be rewarding, provided you’re geared up for the diligence it demands. Always remember, the journey is as crucial as the inception.

For those who feel the process is a tad overwhelming, fret not! MeyerPink Law is your ally, specializing in assisting California professionals in their Pro Corp inception journey. Schedule Your Free Consultation with MeyerPink Law Now!


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