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At MeyerPink, we are deeply rooted in the California legal landscape. We stand beside fellow attorneys, offering insights and strategies tailored to the nuances of practicing law in the state. Our commitment is to empower, guide, and fortify the foundations of legal enterprises, ensuring they thrive amidst challenges and flourish in opportunities. Partner with us; let's elevate legal practice together.
Entity Formation
Every business dream requires a firm foundation. We steer the creation process, from LLCs to corporations, laying a strong legal groundwork.
Selling Your Business
Exiting a business is pivotal. We manage the process, addressing every legal nuance, from evaluating worth to finalizing deals.
Business Maintenance
Continuous business growth requires legal diligence. With a focus on compliance and updates, we're your steadfast legal support.
Our Process: Streamlined Steps to Ensure Your Legal Peace of Mind.

How It Works

Initial Consultation
Engage in a conversation with our expert attorneys. We aim to understand and discuss your individual or business needs, setting the foundation for precise legal planning.
Tailored Document Preparation
Drawing from our initial conversation, our team meticulously drafts and reviews your legal paperwork. Every detail is addressed to ensure accuracy and full compliance with California's regulations.
Signing & Peace of Mind
You can sign and notarize your documents in-person at one of our various offices by appointment, or with our network of mobile notaries who can come to you at your convenience, or we now offer online notary services, available 24-hours a day with a just a few clicks!


Are you looking for an attorney that can give you peace of mind about what happens now that someone has passed away? Or, an attorney that can help you put your legal affairs in order, whether that is a will or a trust, a revocable trust or an irrevocable trust, we want to help you. Check out this website and reach out to our office to set-up your free discovery call. We look forward to working with you.
Check out this website and reach out to our office to set-up your free discovery call. We look forward to working with you.
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S-Corp or LLC
Choosing between an S-Corp or LLC structure is a critical decision for your business. While both offer liability protection and pass-through taxation, S-Corps have stricter compliance requirements and LLCs offer more flexibility in management.
Ongoing Business Maintenance
This involves the regular tasks required to keep a business in good standing, such as filing annual reports, updating corporate minutes, and ensuring compliance with local and state laws. Keeping up with these obligations is essential for long-term success.
Selling a Business in California
Navigating the sale of a business in California involves a complex set of legal and financial steps. From business valuation to due diligence, understanding California-specific regulations is crucial for a successful and compliant transaction.

Secure Your Peace of Mind

Transform Chaos into Clarity: Get Your Legal Paperwork in Perfect Order.

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