A Brief Explanation of Common Family Law Terms

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Sometimes, the hardest part is getting started – and the same can be true once you’ve identified that you need legal assistance for family matters. Even just browsing the internet for experts in family law can be difficult if you’re not sure which terms to use to find them. 

For example, perhaps you’re searching for “divorce,” which is often referred to as “marital separation” in the legal landscape. Similarly, the general public might still refer to “alimony,” whereas your legal counsel likely uses the term “spousal support.” Along the same lines, if you’re seeking information about what was previously called a “divorce agreement,” you may now find that it’s called a “marital settlement agreement.” 

No matter what you call it, MeyerPink Law is here to assist with any the family law matters that may arise. Learn more about our Certified Family Law Specialist, April Meyer, and Contact us today to set up a time to chat with April to discuss your specific case. 


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